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Rev. Tod Coles, Sr. Wedding Minister

Tod (and his wife Christina) moved to Charlotte nearly two decades ago, after being born and raised in Ohio. As avid boaters, they were immediately drawn to the beauty and tranquility of Lake Norman and have resided there since first visiting in the mid 90's. Tod is one of four siblings, and was raised in a loving Christian family. Since moving to North Carolina, his faith has led him to Davidson United Methodist Church where they have been members for over 15 years. Although Tod does not "preach" or have a congregation, he feels that officiating wedding ceremonies is a great honor to serve every bride and groom (regardless of their individual beliefs) by helping loving couples enter the holy sacrament of marriage. Recently, Tod and Christina were blessed with adopting their first child, Michael (age 10). Although priorities have changed significantly for the Coles family, as have their daily routines and activities, but it has all been worth it. Michael loves playing baseball and football, but when not playing ball, he enjoys watching his Dad perform wedding ceremonies, and occasionally gets an opportunity to be a ring bearer.

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